Preparing Your Photos

You do not need professional pictures to be evaluated by an agency.

Any new face booker or agent should be able to let you know if they want you based on pictures you or a friend takes with a cellphone.
Here are some tips to maximize your chances with pictures you organize:

Do not send pictures you have laying around simply because you are in a hurry to get an answer, plan your photoshoot.

Take head, body, and fashion shots.

Make sure the outline of the head takes up about 2/3rds of the frame of the headshot image.

Use different expressions and camera angles.

Body shots are full length and emphasize the contours of the body.

Do not show flabby sections of the body – this is not good. Tone-up, then take your pictures.

For submitting keep your photos at “web” resolution or around 72 dpi.

Take a lot of images (50 head, 50 body, 50 fashion) and then pick the best ones.

Women’s makeup should be light and natural looking. Remember the more makeup the more it will detract from you being accepted.

Have at least 3 different changes of clothes and hair style per session.

Make sure your subject is well lit, dark images are no good.

Experiment around with your images, most will look better with some image enhancing, i.e., contrast, sharpening, brightening.

Although sexy is OK, avoid extreme fashions or styling.

Tatoos are generally OK. If however you have one on your forehead this will limit your bookings considerably, maybe even entirely!

Many new photographers will take your pictures for free to get experience shooting new models. Do a local internet search for them. Do not go alone to photoshoots or be told it is necessary to wear any outfit (lingerie or otherwise) that you are uncomfortable wearing.