Physical Requirements

To start out let’s state the obvious: a person has to be attractive to model.

Count yourself out if you have:

  • A bad complexion (hopefully this is obvious)

  • Are balding prematurely

  • Some unusual facial feature

  • A spiked multi-colored Mohawk hairstyle

  • One eye is half closed at all times

  • Double or triple chin

  • Blood shot eyes

  • Bad or missing teeth

  • Ears like a bat (we like bats)

  • A beard or mustache if you’re a woman

  • Jet black hair and have the face of a 90 year old (this does not look right)

  • Have flabby sections of your body (we hate to put it this way)

  • Unpleasant personality that yells at everybody for no apparent reason

Can I become just a “face” or body part model such as hands, feet, or legs?


The answer is generally no. The vast majority of agencies simply use their regular models for these types of assignments. Some models have two composite cards, one for “body parts” and the other for their regular print work.


How old do I have to be to start?:


Kids or Children

This category is from infants to 12 years old.



There is no specific rule if and when a girl in the Kids category goes over to the Womens category. This is obvious when you consider that there are girls who are 13 years old, 5’10”, and look like high fashion models, and, others who are 13, 5’3” and look like a little kid. It simply does not make sense to market them in the same way.

If a person’s goal is to be developed as a High Fashion Print model in one of the top modeling capitols of the world such as New York, LA, London, and Paris, then they should start applying to the big agencies when they get to be a teen and are around 5’6” and are expected to grow taller. If a girl has been applying in her teen years and gets to be 20 and still has not been signed by a major agency, then her chances are really quite small that she is going to do any High Fashion Print modeling in the major markets. We really hate to tell you this but in this business anyone over 20 is considered “over the hill” for high fashion print development.

If a person’s goal is to model in their hometown or region then the requirements are much more relaxed. Most broad based agencies accept submissions from persons of all ages even if they have had little or no experience.


It is the nature of our society that while there is a large market for women in their teens it somehow does not translate to a similar market for men in their teens. Therefore men generally can start in their 20s and 30s. If they live a market large enough they can apply even into their senior years.


The Bottom Line

If you have the general requirements to model: height, age, body proportions, and nothing that would rule you out (see above) then there is no reason you should not submit your pictures to an agency to see if they want you. There are many different types of modeling today – you might be just what they are looking for!

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